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Select the Right Size Air Conditioner for Your New Haven HomeWhile warm weather is still a few months away, if your central air conditioner wasn't doing its job last summer, it's not too early to start thinking about a replacement. You might even find some deals leftover from last year. However, buying a new air conditioner isn't a decision that should be made lightly.

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When to Consider A/C Replacement for Your Indiana HomeReplacing your air conditioner is a big and potentially stressful task. This causes many homeowners to put it off until it's too late, and it costs them in either comfort, inconvenience or repair bills. Here are some ways you can tell when it’s time for an A/C replacement.

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Got Tax Credits? Use Them This Summer on a New A/CIt's not too early to be thinking about your 2013 taxes. After all, the actions you take this year affect the tax bill you'll have to pay next spring. One of the ways you can reduce your tax obligations come tax day is to take advantage of the federal energy tax credits. If you've been thinking about upgrading your air conditioning system, it makes sense to act this year.

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Has Your Air Conditioner Come to the End of the Line? The Telling SignsThe sweltering months of summer are here, bringing with them searing temperatures and high humidity. If your air conditioning system fails, you are faced with a tough decision made harder by the uncomfortable conditions. Should you repair your existing unit, or opt for total replacement? Several factors can help you determine which route to take and restore the comfort levels in your home.

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With R-22 Refrigerant Supplies Drying Up, Maybe It's Time to Be Rid of That Old A/CIf you haven't had a quote on an air conditioner recharge lately, you're likely in for a shock. Prices on this service for older A/Cs and heat pumps have more than tripled in the past year because of the reduced R-22 refrigerant supplies available to contractors. The federal government has been phasing our R-22 refrigerant supplies because of their harmful effects on the environment and will have eliminated production of new R-22 by the year 2020. Equipment manufactured since 2010 has used a new refrigerant formula, R-410A, for which supplies are plentiful. This might make now a great time to consider an upgrade to a more efficient and better-performing cooling system.

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