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How to Interview Your HVAC ContractorIf you need a new air conditioner, heating system or HVAC repair work in your Fort Wayne area home, you likely will contact at least one HVAC contractor in your area for estimates. Comparing different contractors can be tricky, but you can increase the chances that you will hire the right professional if you:

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You Can Talk Like an HVAC Pro With These Terms: Learn the AdvantagesAre you needing HVAC service or installation in your Fort Wayne area home? Before you call up the contractor, it can help to have a working knowledge of some of the more common HVAC terms. This will help you talk like an HVAC pro and better communicate with your technician, whether you're trying to inquire about upgrading your system, schedule service, or arrange for emergency repair.

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Tax Credits For Energy Efficiency Upgrades: They're Restored, And They're RetroactiveBack in 2009, tax credits for energy efficiency upgrades were enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. These tax credits motivated Americans across the country to replace old, inefficient equipment with new high-efficiency HVAC systems, with consumers taking advantage of $290.7 billion in tax credits. The credits expired at the end of 2011, but Congress has reinstated them as part of the "fiscal cliff" agreement of January 2013. Learn the terms of the tax credits for energy efficiency upgrades, and how to qualify.

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New Furnace Efficiency Standards In 2013 Will Affect IndianansThe new furnace efficiency standards set for 2013 will require more efficient furnaces to be installed in new construction and when existing furnaces are replaced. The requirements vary based on home region, with stricter efficiency standards for heaters in colder climates and stricter efficiency standards for air conditioning in warmer climates. Indianans will see changes to efficiency requirements for heaters, while air conditioning efficiency will remain at current levels.

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