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3 A/C Condensate Drain Problems You Need to Know AboutYou might be surprised to learn that your home's central air conditioning has a second important function after cooling. If it's working properly, the A/C should also be dehumidifying the air in your home. Cool, moist air can feel clammy and uncomfortable, which defeats the ultimate goal of air conditioning: home comfort. The moisture that's being removed from the air has to go somewhere, and that place is the A/C's condensate collection pan and drain, which eventually connect to a home's sewer drainage system. Unless you schedule regular professional maintenance for your cooling system, A/C condensate drain problems can arise. Following are a few of the more common issues. 

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Air Conditioner Sounds: 5 Noises That Could Signal a ProblemThe best air conditioning units are the strong, silent types. The fewer air conditioner sounds you hear, the better -- aside from the standard sounds associated with start-up, air circulation and shutdown. If you're hearing any of the following sounds coming from your air conditioner, it's a good idea to cease using it and schedule a service visit.

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Variable Speed: When You're Replacing a Furnace, It's a Feature to Take SeriouslyIf you’re interested in a comfortable and energy-efficient way of heating your Fort Wayne area home this winter, having a variable speed furnace means saving money on utility costs while enjoying unparalleled home comfort.

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A Maintenance Agreement Gives You an Edge on Comfort, Extending Your Equipment's LifeHaving a maintenance agreement with a dependable contractor keeps your A/C working in the best possible condition with optimum efficiency. Scheduled maintenance also can identify small problems before they become large and expensive. In particular, regular inspections of your A/C can spot a potential problem that may still be under warranty before the warranty expires, saving you costly repairs. In extreme weather changes, such as a heat wave or unexpected cold snap, contractors receive many calls for services. You can stay ahead of the game with a maintenance agreement.

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Some Cooling Tips That Will Help Your A/C This SummerDuring our hot Indiana summers, your air conditioner works overtime to keep you home cool and comfortable. But all that work comes with a price – high energy bills and a significant wear and tear on A/C components such as the compressor. Give your air conditioner a break this summer by following these cooling tips.

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