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Heating and Cooling Loads: Learn the 3 TypesA properly sized cooling and heating system will deliver better energy efficiency and performance than a system that's over- or undersized. An essential aspect of sizing A/Cs, furnaces and heat pumps is calculating the heating and cooling loads (requirements) of the home. Here's a review of the three types of heating and cooling loads for individual homes.

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Lower Your Home's Cooling Load, Lighten Your Energy BillsEvery home has a cooling load, the amount of cooling required to keep the interior at the temperature its occupants prefer. Characteristics of your home such as size, directional orientation and number of windows, as well as local climate, will determine the cooling load. Decreasing the cooling load will also decrease the amount your air conditioner or heat pump has to work, which will lower your overall energy bills. Here are some ways to get a lower cooling load:

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