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Constructing a new home includes dozens of different topics that you must consider in the design phase, and several of those are connected with your heating and cooling needs. For example, a forced air vs hydronic systems discussion must absolutely be on your to-do list because it's an important decision. To help you get started, we're going to highlight a few of the benefits of hydronic systems.

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Heat ducts in a house are usually installed in the floor or the ceiling. But which one is preferable? Both locations have positives and negatives, depending on a number of variables. Note: No matter where you place the ducts, fundamental facts of duct design always apply: The size of ductwork must be properly calculated to accommodate the required airflow volume and duct spans should be routed with as few sharp bends as possible.

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heat pump heatWhile heat pump heat is reliable and efficient, it’s also versatile. Unlike a standard gas-fired or electric furnace, a heat pump can generate comfortable warmth in several modes. While extreme temperature conditions may affect system performance, this is increasingly uncommon as today’s new heat pumps are more efficient to produce adequate heat—even if temperatures outside fall well below freezing. Here are three heating modes that ensure your home stays comfortable no matter what the outdoor conditions may be.

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