Keep Fido Warm: A Seasonal Guide to Winter Pet Care

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Animals often become a true part of the family, which is why keeping pets warm during the winter must always be an essential part of your household duties. This year, we suggest you follow these simple safety rules so they don't freeze their tails off:

Set Your Thermostat During the Day

When you leave to go to work or for any other reason and you're going to be gone for a while, don't forget that your pet needs to stay warm. Animals typically have a much larger range of temperatures where they're comfortable, so if you're away, set the thermostat between 60 and 70 degrees.

Provide Shelter for Outdoor Pets

Even if your outdoor pet tends to stay inside more during the winter months, it doesn't hurt to have some type of shelter outside just in case. In addition to a shelter that will help them stay warm, be sure to set up a feeding station there so they can eat at their leisure.

Get a Sweater and Maybe Booties

Even though some dog owners like to dress up their pets because it makes them look cute, sweaters do a great job at keeping then warm. And if ice sometimes collects on his or her paws, then you may want to pick up some booties too.

Feed Outdoor Animals a Little More

Staying warm can be tough for outdoor animals during the winter season because their bodies burn more energy to keep warm. With each meal, give these pets a little extra food so they'll have more fuel to use.

Pay Close Attention to Older Pets

As dogs age, they can suffer from arthritis just like humans do, which makes them more susceptible to the cold weather. If you notice that your older pets appear to be uncomfortable, you may want to consider getting some pain medication from your vet.

As members of the family, our pets must be protected at all times. Need more advice on keeping pets warm in winter or any related issues? The friendly experts at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning can help. We've been helping the community of New Haven and its pets since 1963.

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