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Furnace on the Fritz? Find Out How to Troubleshoot Common IssuesFurnace problems can be a major inconvenience when it's cold outside and you need heat inside. However, if your furnace is on the fritz, the solution may not have to be a major expense. If you have a hunch you may be able to fix the problem or you at least want to give it a shot, try these furnace troubleshooting tips.

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Troubleshoot Common Furnace Issues With These TipsWith the cold weather settling in, it can't hurt to brush up on your furnace troubleshooting skills. A gas furnace that stops dead in its tracks on the coldest day of the year not only impairs your home comfort; it can be downright dangerous. A furnace that isn't heating your home evenly or sufficiently also needs immediate attention. Following are some tips to figure out what's causing your furnace problems.

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Issues With the Heat Pump A/C? Tips for TroubleshootingKeeping your Fort Wayne area home's heat pump A/C working properly is critical for maintaining a comfortable home in the hot summer months. If your heat pump won't cool your home, you will want it working correctly as soon as possible. Try these quick troubleshooting tips to help get your heat pump A/C back on track:

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