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Avoid Doing These Things to Your Fort Wayne A/CWhile it might seem as if a central A/C runs itself with minimal interference from the homeowner or the home's occupants, that isn't the case. There are some basic rules in order to get optimum efficiency and performance out of your cooling system. Much of this involves being aware of the following things to avoid doing to your A/C.

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Have an Energy Audit Completed and Stop Energy LeakagePerhaps you just bought a house and want to make sure all is fine with its insulation and airtightness. On the other hand, you might have started to notice changes in temperature in different areas of your home that do not make sense. In either case, an energy audit is just what you need to address your concerns.

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Energy Audits: What They Are And What You Can ExpectYou may have several reasons for considering an energy audit for your Fort Wayne area home. First, there are the cost benefits that come from using energy in your home as efficiently as possible. Second, you may be experiencing hot or cold spots in the home, drafts, condensation, a noisy furnace, or other issues. Concerns about wasted energy, aging equipment and safety are all good reasons to get an overall picture of your home energy status.

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How Long Should My Gas Furnace Last?Whether you're buying a new furnace or facing your long-time furnace's last gasps, it's important to understand the long-term life expectancy of this major appliance your home relies on for critical services. Also, be sure to remember that the first time a furnace fails on a cold winter night is not necessarily signalling its end, and that a qualified HVAC technician may still manage to add many years to its useful service life.

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