Here's How Higher-Efficiency Air Filters Make Sense for Your Budget

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February 27, 2014


Here's How  Higher-Efficiency Air Filters Make Sense for Your BudgetDespite their initial higher purchase price, higher-efficiency air filters can save you money in the long run, as compared to using standard-quality air filters in your forced-air heating or cooling system. Here are some of the more important ways higher-efficiency filters can do that:

  • Air filtration superiority. Higher efficiency in an air filter means cleaning more dust and debris (containing pollen, allergens, mold spores and more) from the air as it passes through. The obvious difference here is that the air in your home or office will be healthier, which can be even more important for allergy sufferers. To best clean unwanted particulates from the air, you could use a stand-alone air cleaner. But unless you have serious allergy problems, a higher-efficiency air filter in your HVAC may be all you need.
  • Living environment cleanliness. Cutting down on airborne particulate matter means less dust will be settling on furniture, fabrics, appliances and other possessions. Higher-efficiency filters therefore also cut down on time and effort spent cleaning. If "time is money," this is also a monetary savings.
  • Less fuel consumption. With energy costs ever rising, finding more ways to reduce this expense is increasingly important. Higher-efficiency air filters can help by keeping your HVAC system's internal components clean. The more dust and dirt there is on our blower fan, the harder its motor has to work. Less build-up of this internal dust can save money because your blower motor does less work for the same results.
  • Other savings. More efficient air filtration can result in fewer calls for maintenance and repairs to your HVAC system. The cleaner is it, the better it will function and the longer it will last, providing higher efficiency and saving money over the life of your system.

The most important advantage to higher-efficiency filters is greater comfort through a healthier living environment. Reduced fuel bills and longer service from your HVAC system add real monetary value that cannot be matched by the reduced purchase price of cheap standard filters.

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