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Basements tend to be damp and musty because they absorb moisture from the surrounding soil and through water leaks. High humidity levels in your basement can cause health issues resulting from mold growth, structural damage to your house, and damage to stored items. The good news is you can avoid these moisture issues by using a dehumidifier — but only if it's suitable for basement environments. Here's a quick guide to finding the right basement dehumidifier.

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Nursery Climate: Humidification vs. DehumidificationNew parents in this region may face challenges associated with baby room humidity more often than not. Humidity levels in this region fluctuate throughout the year. Summers are humid and fall and winter are dry. Too much or too little humidity is hard for people of all ages to cope with. Babies, in particular, have even less ability.

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Is It Time to Consider a Whole-Home Dehumidifier? | Hartman BrothersSummertime discomfort in the home isn't just about high temperatures outside. High humidity inside the home also plays a part. Even when the air conditioner is on, it may seem as if your home is just way too humid, leaving you and your family feeling sticky and the home damp and uncomfortable. A whole-home dehumidifier could be the remedy for your household.

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Tips to Help You Spot an Indoor Humidity ProblemWith higher outdoor temperatures and increased moisture, indoor humidity issues are generally a summertime problem. Though, with many Fort Wayne area homes sealed up tight to save energy and enhance comfort, an indoor humidity problem can be a year-round nuisance that traps moisture inside.

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Feel More Comfortable by Understanding the Factors That Affect Home ComfortHome comfort is influenced by a variety of factors even though temperature is the one that usually comes to mind. Other factors that affect home comfort include humidity, indoor air quality and the ability to control these factors. In order to optimize home comfort, it’s important to understand how these factors interact with one another.

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Helpful Strategies for Reducing Humidity in Your Fort Wayne HomeAnytime you strive for home comfort, you need to talk about both cooling and dehumidification, especially in the Midwest where high humidity turns our hot summers into steam baths. If you don't have a plan to reduce humidity, your home may cool off, but it will still feel clammy and damp. Fortunately, homeowners have tools at their disposal to effectively reduce humidity.

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Is Your A/C Up to the Job of Dehumidifying Your Fort Wayne Home?It can get pretty humid in Fort Wayne over the summer.  On the days where the humidity is at its worst, it may even appear that your A/C isn't doing as much as usual to combat the heat.  In reality, the unit is probably fighting a losing battle with humidity, which can make the house feel warmer, even when the thermostat says the A/C is doing its job.

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Attaining Balanced Humidity All Four SeasonsHaving balanced humidity in your Ft. Wayne area home is a challenge with average outside humidity levels ranging from 40-90 percent. Although it’s a challenge, having the right humidity level in your home is important due to the structural and health problems that too high or low indoor humidity can cause.

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Controlling Humidity in Your New Haven Home: Can an A/C Handle the Job?Controlling humidity in your Indiana home can present a challenge, especially during late spring and early fall. On hot summer days, when your A/C unit is running full blast, it should do a decent job at dehumidifying your living space as a natural byproduct of the cooling process, assuming it's properly sized. If it's over-sized, however, its dehumidifying abilities will be compromised, and a dedicated dehumidifier may be needed to provide relief. Also, on moderate days when the A/C isn't operating but relative humidity inside your house is 50 percent or higher, you'll need a dehumidifier to bring it down to a comfortable level.

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Mold and Moisture Damage Respond When High Humidity HitsSummer is on its way, which means so is high humidity. When the air inside your home gets too humid, it's more than just a comfort issue; high indoor humidity can lead to mold and moisture damage. To avoid these problems, you'll want to take steps to ensure the humidity in your home stays at acceptable levels.

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Now that the cooling season is nearly upon us in Indiana, humidity will increasingly become an issue for homeowners. Though air conditioners and heat pumps can control humidity levels to some extent, many homes need an added level of protection from muggy indoor air, a whole-house dehumidifier. They're also handy during humid weather when the outside temperatures are cooler, and running your air conditioning isn't a viable option.

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