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Tips to Help You Spot an Indoor Humidity ProblemWith higher outdoor temperatures and increased moisture, indoor humidity issues are generally a summertime problem. Though, with many Fort Wayne area homes sealed up tight to save energy and enhance comfort, an indoor humidity problem can be a year-round nuisance that traps moisture inside.

In addition to making your home sticky and uncomfortable, high levels of indoor humidity can increase cooling bills, exacerbate allergies and asthma, and cause damage to your home and belongings. Consider the following tips to help you spot and mitigate humidity problems in your home.

Spotting Humidity Problems

  • Areas to check: Inspect your home for pipes that may be leaking water, such as under sinks, the water heater, and basement. Standing water invites mold and mildew.
  • Mold: Mold needs water and an organic food source to develop. Walls in damp areas of your home are prime locations. Mold can also develop inside walls due to condensation. Attics with poor ventilation are also places you may spot mold in your home. Check your attic insulation for wet spots and mold.
  • Exacerbated respiratory ailments: If anyone in your home has an unexpected increase in asthma or allergy flare-ups, you may have an indoor humidity problem. High humidity provides ideal conditions for many contaminants that affect the respiratory system.
  • Condensation: One of the first signs that indicate high humidity problems is condensation on windows and walls. It may soak into walls and wood structures, which damages property and encourages mold growth.

Mitigating Humidity Problems

  • Maintain dry surfaces: Wipe away condensation when you see it. Use bathroom and kitchen fans during bathing and cooking. Make sure fans and your dryer vent send exhaust air outside your home.
  • Ventilation: Replenishing stuffy and sticky indoor air with fresh outdoor air is one of the most effective means to mitigate indoor humidity problems. Energy-recovery and heat-recovery ventilators are exceptionally efficient whole-home ventilation systems to consider.
  • Dehumidification: Whole-home dehumidifiers utilize your air ducts to remove moisture from indoor air.

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