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Zoning Systems: Comfort Control in Every Room of Your HomeIf it seems impossible to enjoy a consistently comfortable temperature from room to room, your home's single-zone HVAC system may be to blame. When there's just one thermostat controlling heating and cooling throughout a home, temperature variations and hot or cold spots aren't uncommon. Installing a zoning system can put an end to these issues and let you enjoy a whole new level of comfort.

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Consider a Zoning System in Your Home for Energy and Money SavingsIf you have ever walked from one area of your home and noticed a temperature change, that is not unusual. Many things, including the number of windows, the direction it faces, the presence of heat-producing appliances and insulation, affect a room’s climate. A zoning system is a solution that can save energy and keep you more comfortable. Here’s how.

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How to Take Care of Hot and Cold Spots in Your HomeThe nature of heat energy is to move from a warmer to cooler place. That's why heated indoor air seeks to exploit leaks and poorly insulated places in your home's envelope to move to cooler outdoor air during the winter. Read on to learn how to solve these common problems and many more that may be contributing to hot and cold spots in your home.

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Think Shutting a Room to Save Energy Is a Smart Move? Think AgainUnless you live in an old farmhouse full of leaks and drafts, shutting a room to save energy is likely to backfire. A study done by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that closing off registers in select rooms actually was more likely to increase energy use in energy-efficient homes. How is that possible?

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Get Smart, Get A Zoning System, Get SavingsDuring humid and hot Indiana summers, you'll want to get the most out of your air conditioning system. However, the configuration of your home might make this difficult, particularly if you have large windows, multiple floors or room additions. Often, the area immediately around the thermostat will be at a comfortable temperature, while the rest of the house might be uncomfortably hot or cold. The best way to address this common problem is to install a zoning system.

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