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Winter Safety Precautions for Your New Haven HomeAs the weather becomes colder in the New Haven area, more of your family's time will be spent indoors, with the heating system on and the windows and doors shut tight for the season. To keep your family protected from things like carbon monoxide exposure, here are a few winter home safety precautions that you should consider:

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Practical Cleaning Tips for Your Home's Outdoor Central Air UnitCleaning your outdoor condenser is essential to its performance and its efficiency. Dirt may be clogging its cooling fins and the coolant level may be low. These problems can increase your energy costs and shorten the unit’s life expectancy. Here are the steps your HVAC contractor will take to clean your outdoor central air unit:

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Keep Your Energy Costs Under Control With These Practical PointersKeeping your energy costs down during the cooling season in the Fort Wayne area could be as easy as keeping your air conditioner clean and well maintained. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that half of your energy bill goes toward cooling and heating your home. The federal agency also reports that a regular tune-up can cut operating costs by as much as 25 percent.

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