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Can Gardening Improve Your HVAC Performance?Who would have thought your gardening and landscaping efforts could have an effect on how efficiently your HVAC system performs? But it's true: strategically located trees and shrubs can have a beneficial impact on your system's efficiency, and lower your energy bills. Here's how landscaping and gardening affects HVAC performance.

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Practical Cleaning Tips for Your Home's Outdoor Central Air UnitCleaning your outdoor condenser is essential to its performance and its efficiency. Dirt may be clogging its cooling fins and the coolant level may be low. These problems can increase your energy costs and shorten the unit’s life expectancy. Here are the steps your HVAC contractor will take to clean your outdoor central air unit:

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Common Air Conditioner Problems That Will Work Against You This SummerSpringtime in the Fort Wayne area is an excellent time to discover and correct common air conditioner problems to keep your system running efficiently during the hot, muggy days of summer.  As a homeowner, you can examine several parts of the air conditioner to determine if you can make simple changes or whether a certified technician should make the repairs during annual maintenance. Several common air conditioner problems you can correct or report to your technician include:

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