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Can Gardening Improve Your HVAC Performance?Who would have thought your gardening and landscaping efforts could have an effect on how efficiently your HVAC system performs? But it's true: strategically located trees and shrubs can have a beneficial impact on your system's efficiency, and lower your energy bills. Here's how landscaping and gardening affects HVAC performance.

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How Can You Hide Your Outdoor HVAC Unit?While you probably take it for granted, there's no denying the outdoor HVAC unit of your central air conditioner or heat pump isn't exactly winning you any landscaping awards. It does serve an essential function, though, keeping your family cool throughout the summer, and if it's a heat pump, warm in the winter, too. However, wouldn't it be nice to hide or otherwise camouflage your outdoor HVAC unit? This also would serve the purpose of eliminating a temptation for potential thieves.

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