4 Ways to Heat Cold Rooms

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November 28, 2017


4 Ways to Heat Cold RoomsIf some areas of your home always feel chilly during the winter months, now's the ideal time to look for solutions to heat cold rooms. Troubleshooting some common central heating system issues is a wise first step:

  • Are the room's registers closed or obstructed? Make sure the louvers are fully open, and the registers aren't blocked by furniture, drapes or a throw rug.
  • Are your ductwork dampers set correctly? Locate the damper levers on your accessible ducting runs and check that they're set for winter in the open position.
  • Is your furnace filter clogged? A badly clogged filter can restrict the amount of airflow from the registers, so put in a fresh one and check it monthly throughout heating season.

If troubleshooting doesn't help, you should contact a trusted HVAC contractor to inspect your heating system. You can also ask your pro's advice about these four heating options.

Ductwork Booster Fan

An in-line booster fan installed inside your ductwork can increase warm air output at specific registers. The fan can be hard-wired into your electrical panel, and it's equipped with a pressure switch to cycle in tandem with your furnace blower.

Cove Heater

A radiant cove heater placed up by the ceiling can provide an inconspicuous supplemental heat source. These units don't have fans because they heat objects and not the air, but they are thermostat-controlled and may require adding a dedicated 240-volt electrical circuit in your panel box.

Room-to-Room Ventilator

Installing a room-to-room ventilator fan is a good option to push warm air into a cold room if you use a fireplace or woodstove in an adjacent room. These units are installed in between the wall studs, and use an intake to pull in warm air and a diffuser to distribute it.

Kick-Space Heater

These electric heaters with built-in blowers are designed to fit the space below a bathroom vanity or kitchen cabinet. They can be switch- or thermostat-controlled, and typically require their own dedicated electrical circuit.

For expert help finding solutions to heat cold rooms in your Fort Wayne home, contact us at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning.

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