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Hartman 9.19.13A long cold Indiana winter can cause your heating bills to skyrocket if your home isn’t properly insulated. The heat from you home will always move to colder areas, including your garage, attic and outside the home. This puts an unnecessary workload on your furnace in the winter and your air conditioning unit in the summertime, unless your home has a proper thermal barrier.

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When you install a natural gas or propane garage heater in your garage, you can enjoy warm temperatures all winter, whether you use the space for a workroom or just want to keep your vehicles and garage contents just a bit warmer. Today's heaters are safe and energy efficient, and heating your garage gives you more space that's livable. The advantage that natural gas or propane offers is that they're both relatively clean fuels.

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When you're in the market for a new HVAC system, look for one that has an electronically commutated motor (ECM) outfitted for variable speeds as part of the furnace or air conditioner. These motors offer significant advantages over permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors because they use less electricity, run more quietly and adapt their speeds to conditions in your home. Also known as a variable-speed blower motor, an ECM with a motor controller can operate at whatever speed is needed to meet the conditioning needs of your home and the specific airflow and filtering factors in your HVAC system. For example, if your air filter is dirty, a variable-speed ECM will ramp up its speed to compensate for the restricted airflow.

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If you're in need of a new heating system for your Northeast Indiana home, consider a hybrid heat dual fuel system. These combine the efficiency advantages of heat pumps with supplemental heat from a combustible fuel, typically natural gas. Air-source heat pumps typically work well until temperatures fall below freezing, when it's harder for them to harvest the heat from the outside air.

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