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December 30, 2014

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How Your Exhaust Fan Helps Your Home's VentilationExhaust fan systems have a number of benefits including the purification of air and elimination of excess heat. So how do they aid your home’s ventilation? Here are several ways that exhaust fans improve air circulation in your home.

Blade Rotation

When the motor starts running, the fan blades begin to rotate. This rotation motion causes the warm air in a room to be drawn toward the fan. Once this warm air is released outside, fresher and cooler air will rush in to replace it. This constant flow of air will also lessen stagnation of air. This is a big help in rooms that have no other method of ventilation.


Most exhaust fan systems include thermostats. When the temperatures in a room get relatively high, the thermostat kicks into action. It sends signals to the exhaust fan causing the motor to start running and results in fresh air as well as improved ventilation.

Different Functionalities

Fans positioned to exchange air between inside and outside not only provide fresh air but also may eliminate humidity. This feature comes in handy in bathrooms where hot water produces steam and causes high humidity. The fan will help in exhausting moisture from the room. This reduces the chances of mold developing.

Fan Position

When you buy an exhaust fan, you should ensure that it's installed as high as possible. Warm air rises while cold air stays closer to the ground. Therefore, a fan will be more useful at the top than at the bottom. When it's installed high up, it will exhaust the hot air and improve the ventilation in a room. This will ensure that you get cooler air in all rooms of the house. For large rooms, you should consider buying large exhaust fans so that it can get rid of warm air faster.

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