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Homeowners: Know All About the Maintenance HVAC ContractDo you want the peace of mind provided by a preventive maintenance HVAC contract, but you're wary of signing a service agreement? Understanding what an HVAC contract should contain can help put your mind at ease about signing and ensure you receive reliable service. Here's what you should expect to see:

Specifics About Covered Items

Your contract should list the specific HVAC system components it covers, as well as included supplies, parts and warranties details.

Number of Service Visits

Most contracts include two maintenance visits – one each for heating and air conditioning, but this should be spelled out clearly.

List of Maintenance Tasks

You should see a detailed list of specific tasks your technician will complete during each visit. This helps you judge whether your system will be thoroughly inspected, cleaned and serviced.

Additional Cost Savings

Along with the savings you'll gain on routine maintenance, a contract should also list any other cost-saving benefits, like discounts on services, parts or new equipment purchases.

Extra Charges

Not only should a contract list what's included and potential savings, it should also be upfront about extras, like fees for emergency/after hours service, trip charges beyond a specified distance, or certain types of filters.

Explanation of Labor Charges/Services Fees

You should see a clear explanation of how labor charges are billed, whether it's a set fee for service calls, an hourly rate for labor, or a combination.

How Minor Repairs/Estimates Are Handled

Are repairs up to a certain dollar figure completed during a routine tuneup? Or do you need to approve estimates for fixing minor issues and schedule another appointment for repairs?

Scheduling and Renewal Details

It's important to know if you'll be reminded when maintenance is due, and when it's time to renew your contract, so your equipment stays in the best condition possible and your coverage doesn't lapse.

Available Payment Terms

The accepted payments methods should be listed, as well as any flexible terms or available discounts.

To find out more about the care plan HVAC contracts we offer Fort Wayne homeowners, contact us today at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning.

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