What Pet Owners Should Consider About Their Plumbing

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July 5, 2017

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What Pet Owners Should Consider About Their PlumbingMany pet owners take pet-proofing measures, such as keeping electrical cords out of reach or covered, but it is easy to forget to extend those safety measures to the home’s plumbing. Here are tips for caring for the pipes and drains in your pet-friendly home:

Don’t Flush These Items

Some pet products, like a few types of cat litter or grooming wipes, indicate that pet owners can safely flush the product down the toilet. Despite those claims, you should err on the side of caution to avoid plumbing problems. Avoid flushing anything but waste and toilet paper down the toilets. Biodegradable litter and wipes can cause clogs before they have time to disintegrate.

Practice Plumbing-Friendly Pet Grooming

It doesn’t take much pet fur to clog pipes. When mixed with skin oils and soap residue, fur quickly forms a mass in the drain and leads to plumbing headaches. If you bathe your pets in a bathtub or sink, make sure to use a drain stop to keep the fur from entering the pipes. Alternatively, buy a mesh drain strainer and brush your pet thoroughly before bathing to reduce the quantity of fur entering your home’s plumbing. In addition, after brushing your pet, dispose of pet fur in the trash and never in the toilet.

Beware of Pipe Chewing

Pipes freezing isn’t the only way pipes can spring leaks. Plumbing damage from chewing is something pet owners must consider. While puppies, kittens, and small pets such as rats and gerbils are the most common perpetrators, be aware that many adult animals like to chew as well. Keep your pets from damaging pipes, valves and other plumbing materials by:

  • Covering all drain openings to deter pets from getting into pipes.
  • Keeping pets away from the water heater and plumbing pipes by closing doors or putting up pet barriers to keep them out of the area.
  • Keeping curious pets out of sink cabinets by using safety latches — You can find these in baby-proofing sections of stores.

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