Does Temperature Affect Sleep?

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November 28, 2017


Does Temperature Affect Sleep?Research into sleep problems shows increasingly that sleep can suffer from a variety of factors, including reading electronic devices, burning candles, or drinking alcohol or eating sugar before going to bed. Another important factor that can impact your sleep is the temperature you choose for the HVAC system.

What's the Ideal Sleeping Temperature?

We're all different when it comes to preferred sleeping temperatures, but ideally, it should be a bit cooler than you'd likely set the thermostat in the daytime. For some, a temperature of 60 degrees is just fine, while for others, it might be as high as 72 degrees. Probably any higher than that, you're likely going to be in for a restless night, unless you keep cooled off with a ceiling fan.

Here's how temperature affects sleep: When we've lain down for the night, our bodies begin to cool off before sleep, so a lower temperature can help facilitate this. Temperatures much cooler or warmer than the range mentioned above can interrupt your body's ability to fall into the REM (rapid eye movement) phase of sleep that is essential for a good night's rest.

Achieving the Right Temperature for Sleep

Rather than continuously resetting the thermostat for sleep, you may want to invest in a programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature for bedtime. Summer or winter, you can lower or raise the temperature as needed so that you needn't make manual adjustments. You may also want to set the temperature so it's lower or higher when you plan to be away from home, so you can save energy.

Additional Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

Other things you can do to promote good sleep:

  1. Turn off all lights in the bedroom.
  2. If you tend to have cold feet, wear socks or use a hot water bottle to warm them.
  3. Avoid naps.
  4. Get daily exercise so you're more relaxed at night.
  5. Replace an old, sagging mattress with a comfortable one that supports your body.

For more on achieving the ideal sleeping temperature, contact Hartman Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning of Fort Wayne.

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