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Avoid These HVAC Airflow ProblemsAirflow problems are among the most common malfunctions that impact home heating and cooling. Proper air volume passing through the ducts is vital to household comfort and efficiency.

Your furnace, central air conditioner and ductwork are all designed to meet very specific airflow parameters, measured in cubic feet-per-minute (CFM). If anything reduces the flow of air, heating and cooling performance is diminished, energy efficiency declines and monthly operating costs increase.

Here are some common airflow problems and how they may be resolved.

Clogged air filter.

All the air circulating through the HVAC system passes through the air filter. If the filter's dirty and clogged, airflow is compromised. DIY filter maintenance is cost-efficient and easy. Ask a qualified HVAC contractor to demonstrate the process. From then on, inspect the air filter monthly and replace it with a quality filter at least every other month.

Closed supply vents.

Occasionally, someone may close a supply vent in a particular room to stop the flow of heating or cooling. This is not recommended because closing vent tends to unbalance the flow of air throughout the house. Some rooms then receive too much airflow while others get too little. Periodically check supply vents in all rooms to verify that all are fully open and unobstructed.

Duct leakage.

Residential ductwork frequently develops leaks as years pass. Air loss due to ductwork leaks into unconditioned zones like the attic or crawl space reduces airflow into living spaces. If you’ve owned your home for a number of years, ask an HVAC contractor about a ductwork pressure test to quantify the percentage of air leakage and pinpoint areas where ductwork sealing is required.

Air dampers.

Over the years, dampers installed inside ductwork branches to balance air circulation may gradually loosen and close, reducing airflow to some rooms. Where airflow issues have no obvious cause elsewhere, an inspection by a qualified service technician may turn up partially closed dampers that need to be re-adjusted and secured.

Ask the professionals at Hartman Brothers about trained, qualified service to resolve airflow problems and restore optimum HVAC performance and efficiency.

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