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Benefits of a Heat PumpHave you ever considered the benefits of installing a heat pump in your home? Heat pumps are an efficient choice for heating and cooling, and these days are being seen more and more in homes, businesses and lodging.

Read on for an evaluation of heat pump benefits, so you can decide if this technology might be for you.

How a Heat Pump Works

When heat pumps provide cooling, they work pretty much like an air conditioner, absorbing heat from the house in refrigerant, then sending the cooled air into the home through the ductwork and exhausting the heat through the condenser. To heat, the process is reversed. The heat pump sends refrigerant through the outdoor compressor/condenser, where it absorbs heat from the outdoor air (yes, there is heat even in very cold air), and then it is sent back into the house where the air handling system distributes it.

The main difference between a heat pump and a forced air system is that the heat pump can heat and cool.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

Most homeowners install heat pumps because they can be extremely efficient, especially in moderate climates. They also do not use fossil fuels. Heat pumps can also be much quieter than forced air systems, although you should discuss this with the contractor before you choose your heat pump. They also can provide a gentler flow of air into the home, which some people prefer to the sudden blast of a forced air system.

The main downside of the heat pump -- and this holds true in our colder winters -- is that they may not heat efficiently in cold weather. Although they have been improved in recent years, you might still need supplemental heat. This is usually in the form of air blowing over electric heating elements. This type of heating can be rather expensive to run.

Some homeowners opt for a dual fuel system with heat pump and backup gas furnace.

For more on heat pump benefits, or to schedule maintenance, repairs or installations, contact Hartman Brothers. We serve New Haven and the surrounding area.

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