Here's 3 Practical HVAC Resolutions for the New Year

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hvac resolutionsThe new year is synonymous with new beginnings, so it's little wonder that millions of Americans set resolutions with hopes of having a better year ahead. As you plan to become the best version of you, consider becoming a better homeowner as well by including these HVAC resolutions on your New Year's list.

Schedule Maintenance Ahead of Time

Proactively scheduling HVAC maintenance keeps your heating and cooling system running efficiently and extends the life of its components. In the spring, call in an HVAC professional to inspect and perform annual maintenance on your air conditioning system. In the fall, before the cold winter weather sets in, schedule a maintenance visit for your heating system.

During preventive maintenance, the HVAC pro will inspect your system's voltage, electrical connections, fuel and refrigerant lines, and other critical components. Additionally, he or she will lubricate all the moving parts and correct any concerns.

Inspect Your Filter Monthly

When your air filter is dirty, your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace is forced to work harder. That increases its operating costs and could cause damage to your equipment and, possibly, premature failure.

Check your air filter at least once a month and replace it when necessary. It's recommended that you change your filter every three months at a minimum. Remember that peak summer and winter use puts significant strain on your HVAC equipment. It's an excellent idea to change your filter every month during such high-use months.

Tend Your Plants

Your outdoor unit needs adequate clearance between it and any plantings to facilitate proper air circulation. Trim back trees, plants, and shrubs. Make sure they're always at least three feet away from your outdoor equipment. Gently brush away any pine needles and leaves that fall on the equipment.

If you spot dirt and debris deep inside your unit, be sure to call a professional.

These resolutions won't take a lot of effort and willpower like dieting and exercising do, but they'll keep your home more comfortable and save you money throughout the year. Contact Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning for more information on any of the steps above. We've been committed to helping homeowners in the Fort Wayne area keep their HVAC resolutions since 1963.

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