Is Your Home and HVAC Ready for Your Bundle of Joy? Babyproofing Your HVAC

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When you have a newborn, it’s important to make sure your home is as safe as possible. While electrical outlets and stairs are common babyproofing targets, don’t overlook your HVAC system. Keep the following HVAC system babyproofing tips in mind to help your child stay safe.

Prevent Access to Outdoor Units

Outdoor units can be dangerous if kids get close to them, since they contain moving blades, sharp metal pieces, and electricity. You can keep your child safe by making sure these units are out of reach. Consider putting a fence around your outdoor unit to block it off. Shrubs and bushes around outdoor units can help, but children can easily still get through these. Whatever barrier you use, though, make sure your system has a 2-foot clearance around for sufficient air flow.

Put Screens in Your Registers

Small toys can fall into registers. You can prevent this from happening, without compromising air flow, by putting a piece of a vinyl window screen right under the vent cover to serve as a trap. This provides a convenient way to get toys out without having to worry about them falling through your ducts.

Make Registers Safe

Metal registers and vents have sharp edges that can harm your child. Securing these registers to the floor or wall helps prevent these edges from coming loose and being pried up. You can make your registers even safer by switching from metal to plastic. These plastic registers don’t need to be screwed to walls or floors, so they’re easier to clean.

Keep HVAC Controls Out of Reach

If you use an HVAC remote or app for your heating and cooling, make sure it’s kept out of reach. This stops curious children from accidentally changing your HVAC settings. More importantly, keeping these devices out of reach prevents children from putting them in their mouth, which can be highly dangerous.

If you need more information on HVAC system babyproofing for your northeast Indiana home, please contact Hartman Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning.

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