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August 2, 2012

Heating and Air Conditioning Fort Wayne Indiana

energy new haven indianaWhen you shut off your appliances, electronics or other energy-consuming devices, you might think they're no longer using power. Turning off lights and equipment you aren't using is definitely a good energy-conservation measure, but even when switched off, if they're plugged in, computers, televisions, refrigerators and other electric devices are still consuming a small bit of energy, known as standby power.

Standby power is usually used by devices to maintain internal clocks or other settings. Standby power accounts for only a small bit of energy at a time, but it adds up quickly. When it's multiplied by several devices over weeks or months, the average homeowner can waste $100 a year or more paying for power that isn't efficiently used for the item's main function.

Here are three effective ways to reduce or eliminate standby power losses, improve power usage, and decrease your overall energy expenses.

  1. Unplug appliances: The simplest and quickest way to eliminate standby power use is by unplugging appliances, computers, television, battery and cell phone chargers, and other devices when not in use. If internal settings of the device need to be maintained, leave it plugged in. Otherwise, pull the plug and save some energy.
  2. Use a power strip: By plugging many devices such as computers, printers and other peripherals into a power strip, you can shut all of them off at the same time just by switching off the power strip. The power strip is designed to not use energy when it's turned off, even if it's still plugged in.
  3. Use Energy Star products: Household products with the Energy Star label have been laboratory tested and government certified to be energy efficient. They are proven to consume the least amount of energy possible when in standby mode. By using Energy Star products, you'll know you're using devices that are energy efficient.

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