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Perform Your Own Energy Evaluation With This Handy 'Yardstick'Most homeowners aren't aware that they can perform their own energy evaluation on their homes. In tough economic times like we're experiencing today, it's important to save money every way possible. If you're not sure whether you're doing everything you can to keep energy costs low, here are a few tips that will help ensure your family stays comfortable, while you enjoy savings on utility costs. 

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energy new haven indianaWhen you shut off your appliances, electronics or other energy-consuming devices, you might think they're no longer using power. Turning off lights and equipment you aren't using is definitely a good energy-conservation measure, but even when switched off, if they're plugged in, computers, televisions, refrigerators and other electric devices are still consuming a small bit of energy, known as standby power.

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Home heating and cooling consumes as much as 50 percent of annual expenditures on energy in a typical home. With such a large portion of your household budget going to indoor comfort, you want to make sure that there's very little energy waste throughout your residence. A do-it-yourself home energy evaluation can help you find out where in your house you're losing energy and money, and reveal where you need to focus repair and conservation efforts.

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