Winter Energy-Saving Tips to Take the Chill out of Those Bills

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Winter Energy-Saving Tips to Take the Chill out of Those BillsRather than gasping when you receive your monthly energy bill, use a few winter energy-saving tips to keep cold-month home costs at bay. Some measures aren't as obvious as others; however, it's important to do everything you can to reduce your bills, maintain a comfortable home, and contribute to a greener planet. Try these winter energy-saving tips (and appreciate the fact that most of them will also reduce your cooling bills in the summer):

  • Furniture arrangement: Check to ensure all couches and chairs aren't placed in front of radiators and vents, thus blocking the flow of warm air and compromising the efficiency of your heating system. The system will have to work harder to maintain a comfortable home temperature, and therefore cost you more money.
  • Attic and ceiling insulation: Proper ceiling and attic insulation is key in the prevention of heat loss, as heat rises, and poor insulation – especially in the attic – means the heat is leaving your home.
  • Sun: Use the sun's natural heat to maintain a warm home and lower energy costs. Open drapes and blinds during the day to allow this heat to pour in. Close them at night to provide another layer of insulation against heat loss.
  • Thermostat: Lower your thermostat by a degree or two and wear warmer clothing during the wintertime. Turning heat down by one degree on a consistent basis saves up to 3 percent on energy bills. Add a humidifier to your home as well, as humidity makes the air feel slightly warmer.
  • Aluminum foil: Tape pieces of aluminum foil, shiny side out, to the walls behind radiators. This contributes to more efficient radiator use.
  • Weatherstripping and caulk: Inspect window and door frames for cracks and use caulk and weatherstripping materials to prevent air leaks and therefore heat loss.
  • Fireplace: If your home features a fireplace, ensure the damper and seal are closed when not in use. Also keep in mind that fireplaces actually suck air out of the home to keep wood burning, which exhausts through the chimney. Avoid use of the fireplace whenever possible for this reason.

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