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December 12, 2017


3 Winter Ventilation OptionsClosing up the house and turning on the furnace sure makes things cozy in winter -- although sometimes it's a little too cozy for comfort. The fact is, an airtight home can be downright stuffy.

Flinging open a window to get some fresh air may seem counter-intuitive. With the furnace on, aren't we wasting money, letting warm air out and cold air in? Yes, if you leave the window open for long, or open it too wide, that might be the case. But once the furnace cycles off, it really won't hurt to crack a window now and then to let in some fresh air, and let some of the stale air out.

So what other ventilation options should a Fort Wayne homeowner be aware of?

1. Bathroom and kitchen exhaust ventilation.

Installing exhaust ventilation where moist conditions are likely to prevail is a two-for-one solution: you'll not only get rid of stale air and bad odors, but you'll also minimize chances for developing mold in the moist environments of the kitchen and bathroom. This type of ventilation is inexpensive and easy to install.

2. Supply ventilation.

A supply ventilation system brings fresh air into the home, but will also bring moisture along with that air. It's not really the best solution for places with colder winters.

3. Balanced ventilation.

These systems, which bring in fresh air at the same rate that they exhaust stale air, cost more to install and operate than either of the systems mentioned above. They neither pressurize nor depressurize the home. They work best when they have their own duct system, apart from the cooling and heating systems. Otherwise, utility costs can go up.

4. Energy/heat recovery systems.

These systems cost more to install than other types of ventilation, but in our climate (as long as they are installed properly), they make use of heat that might escape otherwise with exhausted air so they can be very efficient. They do require some maintenance, and protection from freezing and frost.

Consult our experts at Hartman Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning and find out about your ventilation options.

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