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hvac options for old housesSo you've succumbed to the charm of an old house, but you've known from the get-go that your new abode entails some major expenditures to make it comfortable. Your key for comfort in your new home is the HVAC system. Here are some of the HVAC options for old houses.


Perhaps your old home has ductwork that once served a missing or dead HVAC system. You'll need to have that ductwork assessed for its usefulness. It's possible the ductwork can be rehabilitated to accommodate one of the newer HVAC systems, but also possible the old ductwork won't be able to handle the volume of air produced by a modern system. An HVAC consultant can advise you.

High-Velocity HVAC

If the house was built before HVAC systems were common, you may find there's no room to run ducts in the attic or basement. High-velocity HVAC units connect to a mini-duct system, which is smaller than standard ductwork at 3 inches in diameter. This small size makes them versatile when installing: they can be run over ceilings or through walls; vents are likewise smaller, so less obtrusive in walls or ceilings.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits are one of the best HVAC solutions for homes where ducts are not an option. They consist of an indoor air handler connected to an outdoor condenser/compressor. Some models allow you to connect as many as four air handlers to them, which can be placed in strategic zones throughout the house. The air handlers are compact and can be mounted on walls, floor or shelves.

Mini splits are a type of heat pump, with models that cool and heat. This type of HVAC system is considered energy efficient and clean, as it doesn't use fossil fuels.

Radiator Heating

Old radiator heating components might be upgraded to work with newer, higher efficiency equipment, such as a new boiler. Ask your HVAC contractor.

To learn more about HVAC options for old houses, contact Hartman Brothers of New Haven. We've provided quality repairs, maintenance and isntallations since 1963.

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