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August 26, 2014


Get Your Ductwork Inspected So the A/C Works Most EfficientlyIf your air conditioning isn't performing adequately, it could be time to get your ductwork inspected. A professional ductwork inspection can help you avoid excessive cooling bills and poor indoor air quality (IAQ), and may help prevent HVAC equipment breakdowns.

Typical symptoms

  • Under-performing A/C
  • High energy bills
  • Debris blowing from ducts
  • Musty odors
  • Noisy operation

If you notice any of these, check your ducts.

Common problems

  • Leaks, damage, loose joints: gaps allow cooled air to escape, wasting energy. They also let unfiltered air into the system, exposing your household to whatever contaminants are present outside the duct. These can include:
  • Uninsulated ducts allow conditioned air to be warmed. For example, ductwork passing through a poorly-ventilated attic that tends to overheat should be insulated.
  • Dirt, debris and obstructions, including:
    • Debris left over from installation
    • Dirt and dust
    • Mold and fungi
    • Clogged filters
    • Kinks and sharp bends in flexible ducts
    • Dead ends (ducts that aren't connected to an outlet or register)
  • Improperly-sized ducting and bad layouts can prevent conditioned air from flowing properly, wasting energy and leaving some rooms less cool.
  • Insufficient return ducts lead to unequal air pressure and inefficient A/C operation.

It's estimated that the average household loses between 10 and 30 percent of its conditioned air through improperly installed, damaged or uninsulated ducts. With the right interventions, this can be reduced to five percent. You may be able to repair minor faults yourself: change clogged air filters, seal gaps with tape or sealants, and remove any blockages.

More serious issues may require expert attention. It's a good idea to get your ductwork inspected by a professional — they're trained to recognize and correct issues that might otherwise be overlooked, and have the skills to complete effective repairs and upgrades.

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