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February 2, 2016


Energy-Saving Myths and What You Should Do InsteadAn increased interest in going green has led to a number of energy-saving myths that make people believe they are doing their part to cut energy costs, when in fact they are doing little to lower energy costs and use. Here are six myths you may believe and the realities about them.

1. Using the Fireplace Saves Money

No matter how cozy it feels, the damper you have to open to vent the toxic gasses actually makes the overall temperature in your home drop when using a fireplace. Use the fireplace for temporary coziness, but smother the fire and close the damper when done.

2. Using a Ceiling Fan Cools the Room

Ceiling fans can help you feel more comfortable in a hot room, but only because they circulate the air, which cools the temperature of your skin, not your room. Use the fan, but turn it off when you leave the room.

3. Push the Thermostat Higher to Heat the Home Faster

Pushing the thermostat settings higher will not make your house warm up faster. It will simply cause the furnace to run longer, eventually heating the home higher than you want and costing you money.

4. Turning Lights Off Uses More Energy Than Leaving Them On

Turning lamps off when you are done with them is the smartest thing to do, because a light that is on is using energy, while a light that is off is not. The process of turning the light on and off does not draw any more electricity.

5. Close Vents in Unused Rooms

This is one of the hardest energy-saving myths to debunk because it seems obvious, but in reality closing off vents affects the balance of the HVAC system and causes it to use more energy and work harder.

6. Turning Electronics Off is Sufficient

When plugged in, electronics continue to draw a slight amount of power. Turn them off and unplug them to save energy.

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