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Get Soundproofed: Get Rid of HVAC NoiseWhen your home is closed up and you're running the A/C to combat heat and humidity, excessive HVAC noise can be disruptive and irritating. You expect some low-level whooshing or a quiet hum when the equipment is operating, but loud noises are concerning. Fortunately, there are soundproofing solutions available to quiet down noises like these:

Popping and Banging Air Ducts

Some ductwork noise is normal due to pressure changes as heated or cooled air moves through metal ducting. If it's too loud, your HVAC pro can investigate the source of the noise and take steps to bring it down to a tolerable level, such as:

  • Fixing sagging or damaged sections of ducting
  • Sealing and wrapping the accessible ducts in noise-dampening insulation
  • Installing duct silencers
  • Adding insulating spacers to separate a duct section from a too-close framing member

Loud Fan Motor/Rushing Air Noises

Excessive noise coming from your air vents can be a sign of high static pressure within the HVAC system. Excessive static pressure isn't just an annoyance – it causes airflow restrictions that can damage your HVAC components or shorten their expected lifespan. To diagnose and solve high static pressure issues, an certified technician will need to perform various checks and tests to find the underlying cause. The solution might involve:

  • Adjusting the blower fan speed
  • Replacing undersized supply ducts
  • Increasing return airflow through the system
  • Installing “high velocity” supply and return grilles
  • Redesigning and replacing some or all of the duct system

Air Handler Vibrations

Sometimes, vibrations originating from a rattling air handler create noise that transfers all the way along the ducts to your air vents. Your HVAC pro can advise you about the right solution to minimize these bothersome sounds in your system, such as installing anti-vibration mounts or pads, or a sound-deadening blanket.

These solutions can also be used to lessen the noise coming from a loud outdoor unit that's interfering with your enjoyment of your deck, patio or backyard.

If you're experiencing issues with excessive HVAC noise in your Fort Wayne home, contact us today at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning for expert solutions.

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