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Programmable Thermostats: Make The Smart DecisionThermostats have always been a smart choice. They're money and energy savers – even the old manual units, if used correctly to set back temps when your family leaves the house or goes to sleep. Digital programmable units are more sophisticated, allowing Ft. Wayne-area homeowners to program a schedule and temperature for different parts of day and days of the week. Adjustments are then automatic.

As time moves on, programmable units themselves are getting smarter. The latest interactive technology enables new programmable thermostats to increase energy savings and convenience even further, without any compromise in comfort. Even with higher up-front costs for full-featured units (and more-complex installation), your long-term savings can be significant. Some of the smart features now available include:

  • Networking: Separate units throughout the house can be linked to communicate with one another and work together. The resulting reduction in system cycling (turning on and off) extends the life of your home comfort equipment while maximizing energy savings.
  • Automation: Some units change set-back times automatically for Daylight-Savings Time and go from heating mode to cooling as needed. Most units restore your settings after a power outage/dead battery, too.
  • Communication: These intelligent control systems contact you online to alert you to any problem. In turn, you can call ahead and instruct the thermostat to warm your home up for your arrival. Some programmables can even connect with the power company online, to check current gas/electricity pricing and adjust energy usage intelligently. More and more utilities are using smart-meters (charging different prices based on time-of-day demand), so auto-adjustment capability is quite valuable. Your thermostat may also display when peak power rates are in effect, so you can delay electricity-consuming tasks to a less-expensive time.
  • Ease-of-use: Modern digital programmable thermostats are simpler to set than earlier models, with larger displays and more scheduling options. Certain models actually learn how long it takes to heat/cool your house, so they efficiently maintain temperature at the desired set point.

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