Where Should Your Tankless Water Heater Go?

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September 15, 2015


Where Should Your Tankless Water Heater Go?The small size of tankless water heaters allow them to fit just about anywhere in your home. You could mount your tankless water heater in a closet, under a sink, or in a storage area or hang it in the corner of your garage. Some of these locations aren't practical, however, due to the installation and operation requirements of your tankless unit. Keep reading to gain insight into where your HVAC contractor should install your new tankless system.

Minimize Installation Costs

Installation requirements that could potentially bump up the cost of your tankless water heater are plumbing and gas line modifications, location to the main electrical panel, surrounding temperature, and venting. Here are the most important criteria to consider when deciding upon the best location:

  • Plumbing: Any modifications needed to extend plumbing to the tankless water heater are going to increase parts and labor costs.
  • Gas line: A dedicated gas line for your tankless unit is the best way to go. If your tankless system shares a gas line with a gas furnace, one or both will be starved for fuel when both are running.
  • Electrical panel: The closer the unit is to the main electrical panel, the less wiring you need to run, which reduces the costs of labor and parts.
  • Temperature: Tankless water heaters cannot be mounted in unconditioned spaces prone to freezing temperatures, such as on the outside of an exterior wall. If the water inside the tankless unit freezes, it can cause permanent damage that isn't covered by the warranty.
  • Venting: Gas-burning tankless systems need to be safely vented. If your tankless system is replacing a gas storage water heater, you may be able to use the same venting with minimal modifications.

Electric tankless systems are available, but they don't produce as much hot water per minute and cost more to operate. However, with the exception of unconditioned spaces that may cause freezing, electric tankless units may be installed anywhere with a plumbing connection. Gas lines and venting are not issues to contend with.

To learn more about tankless water heater installation, contact Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning.

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