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Know Which Online HVAC Reviews to TrustGlowing and glowering online reviews are a surefire indicator of the quality of products and services that an HVAC contractor provides, right? Well, not necessarily. Unfortunately, some unsavory vendors hire people to create false reviews for their businesses or competitors. The good news is fake online HVAC reviews have some telltale signs. Here are a few.

Review Dates

Fake reviewers tend to submit many reviews within a short period. If all the reviews that a contractor has received were posted at around the same time or within a few days, they're probably fabricated.

Praise to Competitors

Legitimate negative reviewers tend to focus on their bad experiences with the contractor in question rather than praising other competitors in their reviews. Be wary of negative reviews that heap praises on local competition. Most probably, the mentioned competitor probably wrote them.

Few Details

Fake reviews usually include less description of a product or service. Customers giving real reviews explain the issues they were facing and how the contractor addressed them. They even name the technicians who performed the HVAC work. As a result, the reviews are usually longer and more elaborate than fabricated ones.

Marketing Jargon

Some positive reviews are more of promotional ads. They mention the company name too many times, use overly emotional language or too much tech or marketing speak that a regular customer wouldn't use when recommending a service provider. If you check out the writers of such reviews, you're likely to find that the other posts they've written are all positive and full of marketing jargon too. You should definitely consider that a red flag.

Unscrupulous dealers will do whatever they can to trick you into buying their substandard products and services. Use the tips above to avoid being fooled by their fake online HVAC reviews. If you need a trustworthy and reliable HVAC company in the Fort Wayne area, contact us at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. We've served the heating and cooling needs of satisfied clients since 1963.

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