Do You Know these 5 Facts about Ductless Mini Splits?

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December 15, 2015


Do You Know these 5 Facts about Ductless Mini Splits?A ductless mini split is a type of heat pump designed for single rooms or small areas of the house. They can be very helpful if you're adding a new space or room onto your home that isn't connected to your regular HVAC system. Here are five important things to know about the ductless mini split.

  1. They save money. Particularly when you get an Energy Star-certified model, installing a ductless mini split can save a significant amount of energy over traditional HVAC systems, which in turn lowers your energy bill.
  2. They allow for zoning. A traditional HVAC system is controlled by a single thermostat, which sets the temperature for the entire house. Traditional systems don't heat or cool evenly and don't factor in individual household members' comfort levels. Ductless mini splits have their own thermostats which can be controlled separately from the rest of the house and set to any temperature you like.
  3. They're good for multi-family homes. Due to their zoning capabilities, if you have a duplex, or multiple people or families rent space in the same home, ductless mini splits can keep everyone comfortable on their own terms. If each family has their own mini split, they can adjust the temperature for their area of the house without disturbing other household members.
  4. They don't need ducts. As the name implies, rather than ducts, mini splits have an indoor and an outdoor component, with the indoor unit mounted directly on the wall of the area it serves. This eliminates the heat loss from traditional HVAC systems, which lose an average of 20 percent of the air (and energy) flowing through them due to leaking ductwork.
  5. They provide heating and cooling. As previously mentioned, ductless mini splits are heat pumps, which can either heat or cool your home from the same system. Although, on the coldest days of the year, it's recommended that you still have a supplemental heating system as backup.

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