The Zoning System: A Home Amenity That Promotes Family Harmony

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The Zoning System: A Home Amenity That Promotes Family HarmonyIn many homes, the thermostat can become a miniature, wall-mounted battlefield. One person will turn the temperature up, and minutes later a spouse or sibling will turn the temperature down – causing your HVAC system to work overtime, while leaving nobody truly comfortable. 

The problem is sometimes caused by differences in personal preferences, but it can also stem from having a house where the temperature varies from room to room. For instance, an upstairs room with south-facing windows can be as much as 15 degrees warmer than a room on the lowest level along the north wall of the house. And neither likely match the temperature set on the thermostat in the hall, since a thermostat only measures the temperature of the air that directly surrounds it.

The solution to this problem is to get an HVAC zoning system installed. Zoning systems place thermostats in multiple parts of the house, so that your air conditioner or furnace knows what the temperature really is in each room. Then, by opening or closing dampers in the duct system, it can send warm or cold air directly to the parts of the house that need it.

So, if you set all of the thermostats to the same temperature, your zoning system will ensure that every room in the house really is the same temperature. Or, if one family member wants their particular room to be a few degrees warmer or colder, they can have their wish without affecting the rest of the house.

While increasing your comfort and promoting family harmony, zoning systems can actually end up saving you money. That's because zoning systems eliminate the waste that comes from heating or air conditioning some rooms too much in order to make other rooms more bearable. And a zoning system allows you to turn off the heat or A/C in any empty rooms, so that you only have to heat or cool the part of the house that's occupied.

To learn more about how zoning systems can benefit your Fort Wayne area home, contact the local experts at Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning.

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