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IAQ and Health Go Hand-in-HandNobody enjoys placing their feet on an ice-cold floor when they wake up in the morning. Cold floors can be a constant source of discomfort during the winter. Fortunately, there are a number of approaches that you can take to make them comfortably warm.

Seal Air Leaks

Air infiltration through cracks and holes can contribute to cold winter flooring. Replace damaged or worn weatherstripping around doors and windows. Laying draft snakes along windowsills and at the base of doors will also stop drafts. Use a sealant like caulk to fill any cracks and holes in your walls and between the floor and your baseboards.

Keep Your Heating System Well Maintained

You won't get optimum performance from your heating system if you don't maintain it properly. Be sure to keep your furnace filter, heat registers, and ducts clean on a regular basis. Also, inspect the registers to ensure they're not disconnected from the ducts or blocked by drapes or furniture.

Update Insulation

You can warm up cold floors with insulation. The simplest way to insulate the floor is by placing area rugs on it. The insulation under the floor can get old and thin over time due to damage by critters or natural home settling. Replacing it with thicker insulation will help make the floor warmer. Fiberglass has been used traditionally to insulate floors, but it's more efficient to apply spray foam.

Add Heat

Electric toe-kick heaters can be a great solution to cold feet in areas where you spend lots of time, such as your home office. They blow heated air across the floor. A surefire method of increasing flooring warmth is by installing radiant floor heating. The system emits heat upwards directly into the floor, which in turn warms the rest of the room. It's a pricey method, but your toes will love the toasty comforts it provides.

By keeping your floors warm and cozy, you'll feel more comfortable throughout the winter. For more information on dealing with cold floors, contact Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. We've served the heating needs of Fort Wayne homeowners since 1963.

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