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Bathroom Ventilation 101

Bathroom Ventilation 101 | Hartman Brothers

A lot of humidity gets added to your indoor air from daily activities like showering and bathing. If you don’t have adequate bathroom ventilation, that excess moisture creates a hospitable

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How Can a Home Humidifier Benefit Your Health?

Dry air is a common problem for many people, particularly during the winter months. The ideal humidity in your home should be around 40 to 60 percent. You can check you

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Vacation Plans? Don’t Forget to Program the A/C, and Other Tips

When you take a vacation, you should spend your time enjoying the change in scenery and the time off, not worrying about your home in the Fort Wayne area. While

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HRVs and ERVs: Ventilating Options for Your Fort Wayne Home

It’s the time of year to open up the windows and let in some fresh air. However, even in the springtime, the weather outside isn’t always conducive to doing so.

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Controlling Humidity in Your New Haven Home: Can an A/C Handle the Job?

Controlling humidity in your Indiana home can present a challenge, especially during late spring and early fall. On hot summer days, when your A/C unit is running full blast, it

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