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Use These Tips to Control Pollutants in Your HouseholdResearch shows the indoor air quality of the typical American home is more polluted than the outdoor air. The reason? Airtight construction and regular air sealing of cracks in the home prevent the penetration of fresh air, allowing for the buildup of airborne pollutants. That translates to problems such as high humidity, as well as aggravation of allergies, asthma and other respiratory illnesses. So what's the solution? Following are some tips for a multi-pronged approach to controlling pollution in your home.

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An Indoor Air Quality Test Can Tell You a Lot About Your HomeMany people would be surprised at the impact that indoor air quality has on a home, and by extension all the people in it.  If you have any reason to suspect that your home's breathing air is not what it should be, an indoor air quality test will confirm or disprove the notion for you, so you'll know if it needs attention.

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