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Do You Know How Reduce VOC Exposure in Your Home?VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are carbon-based gasses that are released from certain liquids and solids. VOCs are comprised of a variety of different chemicals that have both short- and long-term effects on your health. VOC concentrations are generally higher inside than they are outside, as a result of modern building processes that tend to make structures more airtight than they used to.

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Try These Houseplants to Boost Your Indoor Air QualityWhen seeking cleaner air in your Fort Wayne area home, you'll find a number of houseplants that will boost indoor air quality. It has long been understood that house plants "breathe in" carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Certain plants have more recently been found to be effective at filtering certain toxins (VOCs – volatile organic compounds) from the air. NASA conducted studies that confirmed this was the case. Here is a list of some of best detoxifying plants for helping to clean the air in your home:

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New Haven , Fort Wayne area , indoor air quality , indiana , houseplants , NASA , VOC , volatile organic compounds

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