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Wi-Fi Thermostat: Upgrade Indoor Home ComfortYour home’s thermostat can be considered the brain of your heating and cooling system. It receives information from you and the environment and directs the performance of the HVAC unit. By upgrading to a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can gain more control of your home’s climate and reap other benefits as well. Here’s how these thermostats work and how they can improve your comfort.

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Energy Efficient HVAC Equipment: Read All About ItWhen you're ready to replace your older HVAC equipment with newer, more efficient appliances, you'll want to choose products that have earned the Energy Star. Each year, the average household spends well over $1,000 on heating and cooling. Upgrading to HVAC equipment that has been certified by Energy Star will help you save money as well as keeping you comfortable all year long.

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