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To-Do When You Have a Dead Rodent in Your DuctworkWhen you have clean ductwork, you shouldn't notice any unpleasant odors wafting from the registers when your heating system is running. However, if you smell a foul scent whenever the blower cycles on, the most likely culprit is a dead rodent somewhere in your ductwork. A decomposing animal carcass not only smells awful, it's a breeding ground for unhealthy contaminants, so you'll want to get it removed promptly by:

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What Exactly is Dirty Sock Syndrome & How Does it Affect My Home?Have you noticed an unpleasant odor creeping through your home recently? It could be coming from your high efficiency HVAC system. Though they’re great systems that can save your thousands of dollars, high efficiency systems can sometimes suffer from one aptly-named condition -- dirty sock syndrome.

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