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What's Causing My A/C to Trip the Circuit Breaker?Your central air conditioner shouldn't be tripping the circuit breaker in your home. If it does this just one time, it's not necessarily a sign of problems. It's when the A/C is tripping the circuit breaker a second and third time that you need to address the issue. It probably reflects an underlying problem with your cooling system. First try some do-it-yourself troubleshooting, then if that doesn't work, call in an HVAC professional.

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My Furnace Is Blowing Cool Air; What to Do?Keeping a comfortable home environment is vital during the cold season, so having a furnace that's blowing cool air is something you'll obviously want to avoid. Usually, annual furnace tune-ups help prevent common problems, but if your device is not blowing warm air as it should, you can try a few things yourself to isolate or address the problem. Before reaching out for professional assistance, try troubleshooting the problem. Here are the main causes and solutions for a furnace that's blowing cool air:

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