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Did You Hear That? 5 Common Furnace Noises And Their MeaningsIt’s a chilly northern Indiana winter night, and, suddenly you hear strange noises coming from somewhere in your home. It’s not the start of a ghost story, but a sign that something might be wrong with your home heating system. Though gas furnaces often make strange sounds as they get older, they don't necessarily mean you should replace your furnace. Here are some tips to help introubleshooting what to do about the most common furnace noises:

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My Furnace Is Blowing Cool Air; What to Do?Keeping a comfortable home environment is vital during the cold season, so having a furnace that's blowing cool air is something you'll obviously want to avoid. Usually, annual furnace tune-ups help prevent common problems, but if your device is not blowing warm air as it should, you can try a few things yourself to isolate or address the problem. Before reaching out for professional assistance, try troubleshooting the problem. Here are the main causes and solutions for a furnace that's blowing cool air:

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