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What are the Principles of Ductwork Design?Today's ductwork design principles correct thermal losses, pressure imbalances and other errors that waste energy. In the past, design and fabrication of ducts were done with the aim of minimizing costs. If you're looking to improve your home's efficiency and comfort, you should be aware of the principles of modern ductwork design below.

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Good Ductwork Design: What Is It?The average homeowner spends 20 to 30 percent more energy than necessary for cooling and heating bills due to leaky and inefficient ductwork. If you are constructing a new home or upgrading your old ducts or HVAC system, make sure your contractor knows the principles of good ductwork design by heart.

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Ductwork Won't Last Forever: Know When It's Time for a ChangeThe ductwork in your Fort Wayne area home acts as your HVAC system's circulatory system. If these air ducts are leaking, blocked or otherwise defective, it can cause a host of system issues, including poor heating and cooling efficiency, heightened energy costs, compromised indoor air quality, and uneven heating and cooling throughout your household.

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Ductwork design best practices are necessary to achieve maximum energy efficiency, as well as to provide comfortable airflow with uniform temperatures throughout your home. Rather than relying on rule-of-thumb estimations, you'll want careful planning to design the best duct system for your new home or retrofit. Work closely with your HVAC contractor to meet the following five objectives:

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