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Good Ductwork Design: What Is It?The average homeowner spends 20 to 30 percent more energy than necessary for cooling and heating bills due to leaky and inefficient ductwork. If you are constructing a new home or upgrading your old ducts or HVAC system, make sure your contractor knows the principles of good ductwork design by heart.

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Ductwork Won't Last Forever: Know When It's Time for a ChangeThe ductwork in your Fort Wayne area home acts as your HVAC system's circulatory system. If these air ducts are leaking, blocked or otherwise defective, it can cause a host of system issues, including poor heating and cooling efficiency, heightened energy costs, compromised indoor air quality, and uneven heating and cooling throughout your household.

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The Leaky Duct System in Your New Haven Home: Costing You Money and Compromising Your Air QualityYou probably don't think about your home's duct system, but you should. A typical duct system can lose up to 40 percent of conditioned air that flows through it. By making a few adjustments and having yearly maintenance done, you can save up to 20 percent on your heating and cooling costs every year.

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Is Your Fort Wayne Area Home in Need of Duct Cleaning?Do you need duct cleaning performed in your Fort Wayne area home? Some experts suggest that keeping up on your filter changes is enough to keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level. While proper filter maintenance will keep dust and debris from getting into your ductwork, there are times when a duct inspection and cleaning are necessary.

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Ductwork design best practices are necessary to achieve maximum energy efficiency, as well as to provide comfortable airflow with uniform temperatures throughout your home. Rather than relying on rule-of-thumb estimations, you'll want careful planning to design the best duct system for your new home or retrofit. Work closely with your HVAC contractor to meet the following five objectives:

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Do You See The Giveaway Signs Of Ductwork Problems In Your Home?Your HVAC ducts may be working silently, but that doesn't mean they're working efficiently. Ductwork problems are so common that in the average Indiana home, between 20 to 40 percent of conditioned air never reaches the home's living spaces. If your ducts aren't working as they should be, you may notice:

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When Your Ductwork Needs Attention: Giveaway SignsIf you’re having difficulty maintaining consistent home comfort, it could be that your ductwork needs attention. Look and listen for these giveaway signs of inefficient ductwork, and fix the problems to lower energy costs, increase home comfort, and reduce workload on HVAC equipment.

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Ductless Mini-Split Maintenance: Here's What Your HVAC Technician Will DoIn homes and businesses where ductwork isn’t the ideal choice, there’s always the option to install a ductless mini-split. Such systems provide a convenient, cost-effective way to heat and cool areas of your home where ductwork isn’t feasible. Plus, ductless mini-split maintenance is often simple and affordable.

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Duct Cleaning: A Job Best Left To The ProsBy keeping your home clean, you also help keep your indoor air free of dust, pollen and other airborne contaminants that can trigger allergy attacks, asthma and other respiratory problems. Some HVAC contractors also suggest an annual or semi-annual duct cleaning as part of your regular preventive maintenance routine. If a duct cleaning has been recommended to you, be cautious. Duct cleaning may not always be necessary, and in some cases, the recommendation could be an outright scam.

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Seal Your Ductwork To Guarantee Top-Notch Home ComfortWhether you upgrade to a high-efficiency heating and cooling system or invest in preventive maintenance to keep your older system running efficiently, it's important to seal your ductwork if you want to get the most from your HVAC equipment and maximize home comfort. Air lost through leaky ducts forces your heating and cooling system to work harder and may cause some rooms in your home to be uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can affordably seal your ductwork and achieve meaningful energy savings.

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Duct Sizing: An Important Step To Ensuring A High-Quality HVAC InstallationWhen installing a new HVAC system, you must consider more than just the specifications of the equipment itself. The layout of your home, zone systems and duct sizing are also important factors to bear in mind. If your ductwork is too small to accommodate your new equipment, it will operate inefficiently and potentially increase your heating and cooling bills. On the other hand, if your ducts are too large, the rooms in your home may not be as comfortable as you desire.

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