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A Damp Crawl Space: the Dirty Little Secret Under Many HomesThe crawl space under your home may need your attention. Crawl spaces are areas under the floor of a home, or part of a home, that doesn't have a basement. They're the space enclosed by the foundation with dirt below and the first floor of the home above. They're often left without insulation after construction. This can lead to a damp crawl space that can cost you a lot in wasted energy.

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Zoning System Shopping? Answer These Questions Before You ChooseMany homeowners struggle with a constant temperature battle inside the home. Some rooms are too hot, some are too cold, and when the thermostat is adjusted, conditions still seem to be off balance. Luckily, one particular upgrade can eliminate such problems: a zoning system.

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Increasing the amount of insulation in your attic or walls will lower your heating and cooling billsand is the least expensive way to save energy for decades to come. The two most common insulation products used in retrofit situations are fiberglass and cellulose. Fiberglass is made from silicone, while cellulose is made from recycled paper. They share some characteristics, but differ in others that may make a difference in the type you choose.

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Do You See The Giveaway Signs Of Ductwork Problems In Your Home?Your HVAC ducts may be working silently, but that doesn't mean they're working efficiently. Ductwork problems are so common that in the average Indiana home, between 20 to 40 percent of conditioned air never reaches the home's living spaces. If your ducts aren't working as they should be, you may notice:

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Winterizing Your Home For Cooler Weather In The Allen County AreaWinterizing your home will not only help eliminate those uncomfortable drafts, it can also save you money. Winters in Indiana can be pretty severe, but if you're prepared you can keep your family safe and comfortable all season long. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective steps you can take to prepare your home for the cold weather in the Allen County area.

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Insulating And Sealing: A Late-Summer Project That Will Pay Off This WinterInsulating and sealing your home in late-summer or fall will help ensure that you stay warm and cozy during the cold Indiana winter. Stopping air leaks and adding insulation will not only keep you more comfortable, but also reduce your energy bill by preventing heat loss. Some aspects of keeping your home airtight can be accomplished yourself, but for more complex tasks, or jobs that involve getting into tight or hard-to-reach spaces, seek the help of a qualified professional.

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Air Leaks In Your Home? Stop Wasting MoneyIf your home has air leaks, you're throwing away your hard-earned money in unnecessary energy costs. Air leaks allow for the cooled or heated air to escape and the outside air to leak in. To compensate for the air loss, you adjust the thermostat, which increases the amount of energy used, thus increasing your utility bill. To stop this costly cycle from repeating itself, locate and seal air leaks in your home, reducing energy costs while creating a healthier and more comfortable home.

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Home heating and cooling consumes as much as 50 percent of annual expenditures on energy in a typical home. With such a large portion of your household budget going to indoor comfort, you want to make sure that there's very little energy waste throughout your residence. A do-it-yourself home energy evaluation can help you find out where in your house you're losing energy and money, and reveal where you need to focus repair and conservation efforts.

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