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Indoor Allergy Triggers to Look Out for in Your New Haven HomeYour New Haven home should feel both safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, indoor allergy triggers may leave you feeling a bit under the weather, with a host of mild to severe symptoms. Knowing how to recognize these triggers is the key to reducing your exposure and allergy symptoms. 

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How Can a Home Humidifier Benefit Your Health?Dry air is a common problem for many people, particularly during the winter months. The ideal humidity in your home should be around 40 to 60 percent. You can check you home's humidity level with a bit of simple science. Just fill a glass with ice water and wait three minutes to see if condensation forms on the outside of the glass. If not, your home is too dry. Fortunately, a home humidifier can improve your comfort and health in many ways.

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Do You Know How Reduce VOC Exposure in Your Home?VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are carbon-based gasses that are released from certain liquids and solids. VOCs are comprised of a variety of different chemicals that have both short- and long-term effects on your health. VOC concentrations are generally higher inside than they are outside, as a result of modern building processes that tend to make structures more airtight than they used to.

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Improve Indoor Air Quality By Eliminating Dust MitesAlthough it’s ragweed season in the Fort Wayne area, that doesn’t necessarily mean that seasonal allergies are to blame when you’re dealing with a runny nose and watery eyes. The cause of those allergic reactions could be right in your own home.

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An Indoor Air Quality Test Can Tell You a Lot About Your HomeMany people would be surprised at the impact that indoor air quality has on a home, and by extension all the people in it.  If you have any reason to suspect that your home's breathing air is not what it should be, an indoor air quality test will confirm or disprove the notion for you, so you'll know if it needs attention.

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Try These Houseplants to Boost Your Indoor Air QualityWhen seeking cleaner air in your Fort Wayne area home, you'll find a number of houseplants that will boost indoor air quality. It has long been understood that house plants "breathe in" carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. Certain plants have more recently been found to be effective at filtering certain toxins (VOCs – volatile organic compounds) from the air. NASA conducted studies that confirmed this was the case. Here is a list of some of best detoxifying plants for helping to clean the air in your home:

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Indoor Allergies: Learn What Triggers Them and Then Control ThemKeeping indoor allergies at bay is not always easy when you're trying to figure out what's causing them. The key to controlling what triggers your allergy symptoms is identifying those allergens, and determining the steps you can take to ensure that the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) in your Ft. Wayne area home is the best it can be. 

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Three Types of Indoor Air Pollutants to Guard AgainstIndoor air pollutants make our homes less safe for you and your family, contribute to allergy problems and otherwise threaten your health. Sometimes these problems may be lessened by simply solutions such as houseplants that help remove or neutralize pollutants. For serious indoor air quality concerns, more professional solutions are needed. In some cases, indoor air pollutants may be caused by inefficient or improperly maintained HVAC systems.

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7 Tips for Keeping Pollen out of Your Fort Wayne HouseSpring is here (with summer not so far behind), and so is the pollen. This time of year is one of the most beautiful in Indiana, yet if you're an allergy sufferer you may not enjoy it. There are many ways to try to reduce exposure to pollen, and here are seven tips for keeping pollen out of the house.

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Add Houseplants to Your Home for Beauty and Air Cleaning QualitiesMany of us would agree that houseplants beautify a home. But science has proven that houseplants also can protect human health because of their unique organic ability to continually clean the air we breathe. The United Nations has calculated that two million people in developed countries die each year because they spend up to 90 percent of their time indoors, breathing toxic air.

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Don't Let Fall Allergies Get You Down; Filter The AllergensHome air quality is a big issue among homeowners. For people with allergies, having clean air in the home is even more important. Putting an effective air filtering system to work in your home – either as part of a dedicated air cleaner or high-efficiency HVAC filter – can pull irritants out of indoor air and help to reduce symptoms suffered from fall allergies.

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Attaining Balanced Humidity All Four SeasonsHaving balanced humidity in your Ft. Wayne area home is a challenge with average outside humidity levels ranging from 40-90 percent. Although it’s a challenge, having the right humidity level in your home is important due to the structural and health problems that too high or low indoor humidity can cause.

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HEPA Filtration Ups the Ante When It Comes to Optimal Indoor Air QualityHEPA filtration works in conjunction with your home’s forced-air system to remove up to 99.99 percent of allergens, viruses, and other pathogens and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from indoor air. Learn how HEPA filters stand apart from all other media filters, and up the ante for delivering optimal indoor air quality (IAQ) both in the thick of allergy season and any other season.

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Ductless Mini Split Maintenance: What to Do to Keep the Unit EfficientSpringtime is the ideal time of year to perform system maintenance and efficiency tasks around the home. Prepare your home for the cooling months with ductless mini split maintenance, and you can relax in comfort with lower cooling bills.

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Keep Spring Allergies at Bay With These 9 Indoor Air Quality TipsIn all likelihood, you and everyone else in your Fort Wayne area home are breathing relatively dirty air, and you don't even know it. But don't panic -- getting control of your indoor air quality doesn't have to be difficult. Here are nine tips you should follow to clean your indoor air and start breathing easier:

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